Electrifying Drives

Over the past 20 years, Cadillac has reinvented SUVs with the sleek Escalade SUV and sports sedans with seriously fast CT6. Their new Lyriq combines the best of those in an EV package.
Words by Bill Lindsey | August 31, 2020 | Luxury

Car builders from BMW to VW are working overtime to take large chunks of Tesla’s EV market share with their own coupes and sedans. But so far none have been able to deliver an exciting alternative to the traditional gas-guzzling SUV. That will change in an instant when the Cadillac Lyriq hits the pavement. If you crossed an Escalade with an Apple MacBook Pro, you’d get Cadillac’s Lyriq. The exterior is sleek and sensuous, while inside is an engaging blend of leather, wood trim and enough high-tech marvels to make Steve Wozniak weep with joy. GM is all-in on electric vehicles — from the Chevy Cruze to the gas-free Hummer EV SUT — but with the Lyriq, they have applied the lessons learned building the Escalade. As a five-seat, two-row vehicle with an ample cargo bay, it’s ideal for road trips and trips to Home Depot. As an EV, it’s the best way to cruise in style while saving the planet;