Emission-Free Flight

The world’s first electric vertical takeoff & landing jet with low noise and zero emissions may sound like science fiction. Not to the 750+ engineering experts, global business execs and aviation leaders behind the Lilium Jet.
Words // Zelda Grant | December 25, 2022 | Luxury

Accelerating the decarbonization of air travel, nothing has ever existed before quite like the Lilium Jet. It’s a 5-seater, all-electric, eVTOL (electric Vertical Takeoff & Landing), that uses a concept called thrust vectoring, which is more commonly associated with space rockets and fighter jets. In space, you can’t rely on flaps and ailerons to direct the aircraft, since you are essentially in a vacuum. Instead, you change direction by adapting the angle of the thrust you generate. Within a tenth of a second, the jet can change the RPM and angle of each set of engines, allowing it to deliver a very smooth and very precise trajectory as well as a smooth transition from vertical to horizontal flight. This also helps the jet travel over 186 miles on one charge with “off-the-shelf” battery technology. Once in horizontal flight, the fixed wings generate lift, offering free power. It means the vessel only has to use around 10% of possible engine power to maintain high-speed flight and can therefore go much further on less power than traditional aircraft;