Espresso Crazy

If coffee is to you what electricity is to a computer — in other words, you’re not alive without it — illy’s X1 Anniversary Espresso Machine will start your days off right.
Text by Sandy Lindsey | December 28, 2018 | Lifestyle

Billed as the world’s most global coffee brand, illy is committed to making every cup a perfect cup thanks to its unique 100% Arabica blend made of 9 of the world’s best selections, all from sustainable, fair-trade farming partners. The illy X1 Anniversary Edition Espresso Machine is a tribute to the original Trazzi design, brought into the current millennia with enhanced curves, an adjustable cup-rest, a chic, black thermometer gauge, and, most notably, the ability to brew both espresso and drip coffee. A convenient wand froths milk for cappuccino and latte lovers. Other updated features include a memory function for cup volume, automatic de-scaling and flow-stop programs. Unlike drip and percolation coffee makers, illy’s unique IperEspresso capsule extracts the coffee in two phases: infusion and emulsion for full-bodied barista quality espresso. To help you start your mornings off without any guilt, IperEspresso and brewed coffee capsules are recyclable through illy’s RENEW program. At $695, it may be more than your refrigerator, but if you love your coffee, you won’t care;