Eternal Time

Owning a luxury timepiece is a wonderful investment. Some people equate it to owning a luxury car. And as anyone who owns a piece of art can confirm, it takes some work and dedication to keep it in tip-top shape. Here are a few things to consider.
Text by Ros Prado | June 1, 2018 | Luxury

1.Follow Instructions: Different watches require different maintenance. The first step for taking care of your watch should always be to read the manual for specifications.

2.Clean Up: Make sure to clean your watch with a soft cloth after each wear. Even the tiniest particle of dust can keep your watch from functioning properly.

3.Service Stops: Take your watch to an expert every 3 years for a tune-up. The professional will assess the watch, fix any issues it may have and replace batteries and faulty pieces.

4.Slight Oversight: Ask the watch expert to clean the battery hatch when replacing the batteries. Some professionals might forget to do this and you want to ensure it’s done.

5.Water Rinse: If your watch is waterproof and you use it in the ocean, be sure to clean it right after a dip or dive since salt water can cause major damage.

6.Stay Dry: If your watch is not water-resistant, make sure to remove it if you’re going to workout or be around water. Even on a yacht, it’s just not worth it if you happen to slip overboard.

7.Leather Care: If your watch comes with a leather strap, be sure to pay close attention to it. Avoid getting it wet or spraying perfume or cologne on it as it may damage the material or permanently stain it.

8.Weather Watch: Extreme temperature can cause damage. Make sure to store your watch wrapped in a soft cloth inside of a watch box in comfortable temperatures when you find yourself in too hot or too cold environments.

9.Repair Right: If your watch stops working or is having any sort of technical issue, never take it upon yourself to fix it. Take it to a reputable watch repair service right away. Doing otherwise could ruin your investment and leave you asking everyone you come across the dreaded question: “What time is it?”