Ethical Eats

Aside from delicious Asian gastronomy, Chef Michael Lewis & Steven Haigh commit to green practices and paying it forward.
Text by Francesca Cruz | May 11, 2018 | People

Originally meeting in London’s Zuma, Chef Michael Lewis & GM Steven Haigh became thick as thieves and quickly settled into Wynwood where they opened up KYU Miami (pronounced like the letter Q), a hipster-industrial-chic establishment that delivers some of the best fresh Asian fare this city has to offer. In an effort to make up for the wood used for grilling, and in partnership with Trees For The Future, a foundation that is at the forefront of tree-planting efforts in sub-Saharan Africa in places like Cameroon, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Senegal, where to date, KYU has planted over 10,000 trees. This culinary duo can serve up some mean short rib, while remaining humble, all while paying it forward. Just the kind of practices that keeps the sun shinning brightly in South Florida and beyond;