Evolutionary Theory

It turns out Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution also applies to cars. If you cross a boring Toyota Camry engine with a Lotus sportscar body with more curves than J-Lo, you get the automotive version of a velociraptor — the Evora GT410.
Words by Bill Lindsey | August 28, 2019 | Luxury

In an age where we rely on Siri to let us know the term for a group of hippopatmuses (“hippopotami”) and sensors in cars to hit the brakes because we are distracted by our smartphones, it’s refreshing to find a car that lets us do the driving. The latest Evora GT410 combines classic British sportscar design features with an engine as bulletproof as Superman’s underwear. The result is a car that makes a trip into a multi-story parking garage an adrenalin-soaked adventure for both you and the sweet grandma you almost flattened as you drifted up to the top level. While many cars feature Brembo brakes and Bilstein suspensions to appear more zoomy, the GT410 actually makes good use of these. The Toyota-sourced 3.5 liter V6 can be turbocharged or supercharged to boost your blood pressure, controlled by a six-speed automatic or a three-pedal setup for those of us who can make our own gear changes, thank you very much;