Excellent Escape

If corporate team-building and/or family fun is on the agenda, a visit to a PanIQ Escape Room might be just the brain-teasing jolt of adrenaline you need to set your goals in the right direction.
Text by Anja Maltav | December 28, 2018 | Lifestyle

Step into a real-life mystery. Solve riddles. Beat technology at its own game. Can you escape the labyrinth? At a PanIQ Escape Room, the décor, the theme, the service, and the story will have you lost inside of a game. During each visit, your group is placed in a locked room for exactly 60 minutes, with everyone channeling their inner detective to find clues, open locks and solve puzzles. With themes ranging from “Haunted Hospital”, where you are part of a secret research team tasked with identifying a highly contagious virus; to an 1800’s-inspired “Pirate’s Den”, where your team embarks on a treasure hunt! “Doing an escape room is a great team-building activity because communication is essential in solving an escape room successfully,” says PanIQ CEO Ákos Gábossy. “It’s always nice to see how people interact with each other and see what ‘roles’ individuals take in a team. As time goes by, the adrenaline level grows, and players are forced to make decisions collectively!” With technologically advanced next-generation escape rooms popping up all over the world, PanIQ is the escape room company that constantly evolves to keep clients on their toes; 2-7 people per session; $28 per person; 388 NW 27th St;  305.927.4327;