Fair Settlements

Do you need a lawyer for a hurricane insurance claim? The legal pros at RRBH Law say that it depends on your situation, but in most cases, your settlement could significantly benefit.
Words by Sandy Lindsey | December 25, 2022 | Lifestyle

The 2022 hurricane season was catastrophic. If you had damage and don’t have an attorney, get one immediately. For the rest of us, now is the time to plan for 2023, including educating ourselves about what to do following a natural disaster. Having a lawyer — such as the experienced and knowledgeable team of Moncy Blanco-Herrera, Daniel J. Rodriguez and Alexandra Ramon at RRBH Law — on a claimant’s side makes the process easier and more streamlined. They can help with everything from hurricane damage assessment and estimating the costs of damage to investigating claims, providing legal advice and options, serving as your representative for all communications with the insurance company, discovering whether your insurance has employed any bad-faith tactics, representing you in court should you need to litigate the claim, and more. Insurance companies are designed to make money, so they will avoid paying claims as much as possible. You want a legal team that is 100% on your side;