Family First

A few of Key Biscayne’s Most Dynamic Mothers share the joys of motherhood and the perks of raising their children in paradise.
Words by Jorge Arauz | Photos by Josue Acosta | April 28, 2022 | People

Proud Mama

Every day is Mother’s Day for Vivian Galego-Mendez. The longtime Key Biscayner and Manager of the BHHS EWM Key Biscayne Office has raised a trio of successful young men on the island. Michael (31); Steven (30) and Jonathan (18) can’t imagine a better place to call home. “I love that they were able to grow up enjoying the natural wonders and beautiful beaches of this vibrant community,” says Vivian. “Seeing your children grow up to be happy, successful adults is the biggest blessing any parent could ever ask for.” No matter how old they get, there will always be Sunday Brunch with mom. “It’s a special time for all of us to share and enjoy each other’s company,” she says. “Being their mother has been my greatest joy — I am blessed, honored and grateful to have them in my life.” 

Island Legacy

Raised in Key Biscayne, Kira Grossman knows the island is the perfect place to raise her boys, Devin (6) and Tyler (4). As a Partner at GLD Lawyers in Coral Gables and an active philanthropist, balancing “mom-life and work-life” can be challenging. “It’s important to recognize that our time with our kids and family is time we can’t get back, so it’s imperative to maximize and thoroughly enjoy it every single day,” she says. “Motherhood is overwhelming, in the best (and sometimes worst!) ways possible — it means sleepless nights, fun in the sun, caring for ‘owies,’ kisses and hugs, selflessness, chasing after little giggling Tasmanian devils, an everchanging journey and just simply a daily blessing.”    

Unconditional Love

As the mother to 4 children and a big snuggly dog named Leo, Alina De La Vega loves every moment she gets to spend with her family. The serial entrepreneur and founder of ADLV Luxury Group, Dote Wellness and astrology-inspired Aya Jewelry enjoys life in paradise with Olivia (9), Alexia (8), Alex (5) and Andre (9 months). “There’s nothing like the Key Biscayne community and lifestyle,” she says. “It is priceless.” She says she enjoys watching her kids grow into their own unique selves. “As a mom, all you want to do is make your children happy,” she says. “It’s tough having to make decisions they don’t necessarily like, but at the end of the day, I only want what’s best for them.”