Family, In Focus

An award-winning photographer reinvigorating contemporary family portraiture, Stephanie Anders has built an entire career on capturing intimate moments.
Text by Ryan Jarrell | May 10, 2018 | People

One need take only a perfunctory peep through the portfolio of Photographer Stephanie Anders to realize that the age of sulkily sweating through department store family portraits and carelessly Kodaked holiday cards is (thankfully) at an end. A true artist fluently melding her subjects with the most exuberant of South Florida environs, Anders’ penetrating eye manages to effortlessly exhibit the best of our city, our family and ourselves, tucking the totality into charmingly composed prints destined for generations of cherishing. Willing to work in any setting, she professes a particular fondness in her heart for the photogenic vistas of our very own island paradise. “The weather, beaches and parks offer endless backdrop possibilities for portraits,” she says. “I’m constantly asked to photograph families that vacation or live on Key Biscayne because they want to make a lasting memory in this place we’re fortunate enough to call home.”;