Fashion For All

Miami’s newest digital e-tail platform Normou believes that eco-friendly, ethically-made and community-conscious fashion is the new normal — and they’re on a mission to let the world know it.
Words by Anja Maltav | August 31, 2020 | Fashion

As the latest e-tailer in Brickell, Normou is dedicated to curating affordable eco-friendly fashion, where consumers can find sustainable and ethically produced brands without compromising style or their bank account. Since a common quality of a sustainable brand is running on a smaller scale, the company always looks to support the local and small businesses that are founded in Miami. Some examples of locally owned Miami-based brands that Normou supports are Simonett, NST Studio, Casa Lima and Just Bee Queen. Normou, whose name stems from the “new normal” in the world of fashion, launched as a result of Founder Sofia Borges’ passion for helping the planet. “When I discovered that the fashion industry, being the second biggest polluter in the world, needed major reform, I decided to create a platform that makes sustainable fashion accessible.” she says. Normou maintains the integrity of each brand’s quality and business model while giving consumers access to products that would otherwise be out of their budget. “We are challenging the status quo by leaving trends behind and declaring a new norm,” she says. “On our platform there’s no such thing as past or future trends, everything is current! As such, Normou facilitates the shopping experience for those looking to support local right now. “Our dollars are our votes and there are some incredible young entrepreneurs who have sacrificed so much to create their businesses,” she says. “We hope that Normou can help to uplift them, share their incredible stories and ultimately increase their audience and bottom-line.”;