Fashion Forte

Unique, upcycled and unforgettable, Alberto Perkinson’s sustainable fashion collections simultaneously reenact raw grief and mirror an optimistic future through reclaimed fabrics.
Words // Bianca Sproul | April 26, 2024 | Fashion

A dapper dress out of men’s ties. A sweeping gown crinkles the floor with hundreds of love letters. Key Biscayner and up-and-coming fashion designer Alberto Perkinson tinkers with human nature and upcycled fabrics in his start-up sustainable brand N°10SEIS1 (Ten, Six, One). Passionate to combat waste from the fashion industry, he incorporates used fabrics into his work to give them new life. His most recent collection and senior thesis at Savannah College of Art & Design won recognition in Vogue for playing with themes of grief, depair and loss while recycling men’s fabrics into women’s clothing. Drawing inspiration from the mezcla of loudness and color from his hometown and Venezuelan heritage, Perkinson is currently focused on sustainable, small-scale, ready-to-wear clothing for every gender that emphasizes creating staples for your closet with a touch of flair and impeccable craftsmanship.;