Fashionably Fly

Three of Miami’s top fashionistas break it down for us and reveal the ‘ooohs’ and the ‘uh-uh’s!’ for the year’s most fashionable season. Make sure to incorporate their suggestions and store away everything else until it comes back in style.
Compiled by Francesca Cruz | May 16, 2018 | Fashion
Photo by Genesis Bonilla

“Style is about what you like, but there are a few things that are 100% out for the season: knuckle rings and ribbon chokers. Gingham, of course, that’s more of a summer fabric. Wearing too many fashiony pieces all at once, and any form of sporty mesh is a big no-no. The musts for September are embellished guitar straps for bags [think Valentino], and fancy footwear — the crazier the better. Great options are: Gucci, N21 and Asos. You may want to consider flared everything as well: jeans, sleeves, even cropped pants and skirts. Single-statement earrings are hot, too. Wear just one big crazy earring. Off-the-shoulder layering and colorful velvet is in. Balloon sleeves and one-arm tops are also musts. It’s all about blouses nowadays.” — Andy Faerman, Fashion Consultant & Stylist

“For September, fashion is about being bold. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors and maxi crazy flower patterns. Pink and mauve colors bring the sensation of La Vie En Rose to your feminine closet. Tailored midnight velvet blue suits with a touch of masculinity will be stylish. The military jacket is perfect for casual day wear but also sophisticated with a belt at night. Pleats for dresses and skirts add a feminine touch that is modern and clean. The ‘80s are back with one-shoulder tops and dresses. How very apropos as you hear Take On Me by A-Ha in the background while making your way to the dance floor.” — Angeles Almuna, Fashion Stylist, Blogger & Influencer

“Fall is here and it’s the perfect opportunity to play dress-up. Fashion for me is all about cycles and respecting those cycles. From statement furs for Fall and Winter, to being fully immersed in color — it’s what you can expect. It’s all about more color for September. A fashion statement that can’t go missing in your wardrobe this season is velvet. Plush, modern or vintage — velvet is here to stay. Also, sporty pullovers with extra-long sleeves are making their mark. Hoodies, and ‘80s one-shoulder dresses are also musts. Overall, this season will see a big influence focused on the ‘80s.” — Daniela Botero, Top Model, Fashionista & Blogger