Fiscal Feng Shui

Feng Shui may seem like superstition, but top corporations such as Citibank and Chase use it in their offices to maximize their business potential. Here’s what can you do to increase your financial flow.
Text by Sandy Lindsey | May 23, 2018 | Lifestyle

First Impression
Stylish, welcoming entrances for both the office and home will beg opportunities to come knocking.

Numbers Game
While on the subject of entrances, be sure that your building or office suite has prominent numbers so good chi can find you.

Desk Decision
To avoid negative energy from previous users, get a new desk. Never work at a desk with missing corners or otherwise incomplete.

Proper Placement
Never sit with your back to the door. If you have no choice, hang a mirror so you’re not blindsided by bad karma — or unwelcomed guests.

Be In Charge
If possible, position yourself so that your desk is the farthest from the entrance to the room as possible. This is the “command” position.

Computer Savvy
Put your computer in the north or west of your office for creativity, in the southeast if it’s used to produce income.

Stop Leaks
Water symbolizes both money and emotions. Don’t let a drip in the men’s room ruin the company’s outlook. Nor your emotional wellbeing.

Moving Water
Fountains are an ancient symbol of abundance in all cultures, not just feng shui. An alternative is a photo or painting of fast-flowing water.

Green Growth
Healthy, thriving plants in an office are seen as a sign that finances are growing. Don’t have a green thumb? Get an easily tended money plant or lucky bamboo.