Fit Clicks

A sizzling sports photographer firmly in touch with our fitness community, James Woodley’s exposures capture the hopes and dreams of some of Miami’s most awe-inspiring athletes.
Text by Ryan Jarrell | April 17, 2018 | People

A self-taught, London-born photographer whose amassed substantial credit as one of The Magic City’s most talented fitness photographers, the story of James Woodley is one that would only make sense within the confines of our magnificent metropolis. Finding ceaseless inspiration in the acts and aspirations of our city’s athletes and fitness fanatics, Woodley finds there’s no better portrait of the uniquely human pursuit of perfection than in our sports people. “There’s very little I respect more in this world than the drive and determination of a professional or aspiring athlete,” he says. “Striving to capture this skill and dedication in my images is what inspires me the most.” An accomplished artist of many forms, Woodley’s work can be seen documenting such celebrated subjects as Venus Williams, Heisman Trophy winners and, in a break from his dedicated genre, the works of fierce fashion house Christian Louboutin;