Fit for Life

World-renowned trainer Adita Yrizarry-Lang and her team are flexing their motivational muscles at Inner Strength Studios, where a healthy lifestyle is the norm and fitness and function fuse to have you feeling fantastic from the inside out.
Text by Luisana Suegart Photos by Antonio Eli | July 10, 2018 | People

Bikini season may have crept up on most of us this year, but before you go running for the shade, consider taking some help from Inner Strength Studios, the Key Biscayne fitness facility that’s committed to helping you get back on the ball. “Health is all about creating a balance between one’s food choices, exercise and stress,” says Adita Yrizarry-Lang, owner of the studio, located at 660 Crandon Blvd., St. 160. “I want to provide a place that changes people’s lives, that inspires them to become as healthy as they want to be, and that provides them with all of the resources for success.”
A solid team of expert trainers and committed clientele comprise the 520-square-foot facility that offers cardiovascular conditioning, weight training, flexibility exercises, pilates, yoga, sports-specific conditioning, core conditioning and functional, balance and stability training. “I pride myself on the level of expertise and education that my staff and I provide our clients,” says Lang, who has trained fitness professionals all over the world, including in South and Central America, Europe and Asia. Adding to those credentials is the Fit for Travel Fitness Kit and YogaBall Fitness Kit, two nationwide best-sellers developed by Lang, who is an accredited faculty member for four international fitness associations including the National Academy of Sports Medicine and The American Council on Exercise. “When I started in the business I trained myself for vanity,” she admits. “Now I want to be a rockin’ 90-year-old, so all of my personal nutrition and fitness choices are based on creating ultimate health and longevity.”
And if you, too, want to rock out at 90, Inner Strength Studios. can provide you with the foundation for all of your health and fitness needs, including customized nutritional programs and lessons in exercise physiology. “We educate our clients to know almost as much as we do,” she says. “We want them to develop enough confidence to use any gym in the world to create their own successful workout.”
Clients of the studio, which is celebrating a decade in business, have without a doubt reaped lifelong and life-altering benefits. Among the many success stories is local resident and retired U.S. Marine Corp and decorated war vet, Major Richard Cromartie, who was told four years ago that he would be unable to walk unassisted. Just six months after beginning his program at Inner Strength, Cromartie walked almost two miles without any assistance, a feat he can still accomplish to this day. “It’s not just a job to me or my staff,” explains Lang. “People are very real to me and encouraging good health and physical strength is everything.” As such, Inner Strength works with every aspect of the fitness realm — from the most general forms to rehabilitation and everything in between. “Lifestyle Coaching, which combines fitness and nutrition for overall health, is where the industry is headed,” says Lang, who offers a program to suit each individual’s needs. Yoga and pilates, she says, are the most popular for clients interested in core and back strengthening, while small group coaching and circuit training are what’s hot for those wishing to tone-up and burn calories.
And because all successful exercise programs are paralleled with a healthy nutrition plan, Lang created Personal Livet, a food plan that empowers wiser choices. “Many years back I had a Jamaican client who asked me to put him on a food plan,” she recalls. “I said, ‘I’d love to write out a diet for you.’ He took the word ‘die’ literally and replied, ‘No, I don’t want to die…I want to live! Write me a livet!’ That has stayed with me ever since.”
The team at Inner Strength Studios also offers FitCheck, a measurement of cardiovascular strength, physical flexibility and body fat. The best part? This service is offered free of charge every summer to assist clients and non-clients to measure their results from their fitness and nutritional programs. “I opened Inner Strength Studios because I wanted to create a lifestyle for people here on Key Biscayne. I wanted to provide them a place where they could meet their physical goals in an environment that was motivating, private and inspirational.”
So, it seems that it’s not too late to want to drop the sarong, after all! To get fit just in time for summer, call 305.365.5264 or visit