Florida Feel

Colette Pisut rejuvenates public spaces through her design of large-scale, painted murals, deeply inspired by South Florida’s lush nautical surroundings, plants, birds, sea and land features and architecture.
Words by Stacy Wynn | April 27, 2023 | People

South Florida native Colette Pisut is a tattoo artist turned painter whose experiences fueled her creativity to intuitively bring ideas to life through art. She is an avid believer that hand painting features more soul, energy and authenticity within each stroke, only using small guidelines to assist in the painting process. She recently created several stunning murals at the new Kimpton Shorebreak Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort, including classic blue flamingos painted on the columns flanking the entrance and the grand mural outside the hotel’s restaurant, La Fuga, which seamlessly merges the coastal Italian style of the eatery with the elegance of the resort’s crystalline courtyard pool. Lo Sono La Luna Tu Sei Ol Sole (I Am The Moon, You Are The Sun) depicts the juxtaposition of the forces of nature. However, its significance lies in its details: Tiny blue flamingos and lemons (signifying La Fuga’s famous house-infused limoncello) are hidden throughout the piece. Her work can be seen at numerous Florida hotels, including Margaritaville Key West where she hand-painted 12-foot murals in 186 rooms within a 4-month period and was praised by singer/songwriter Jimmy Buffett for curating the one-of-a-kind murals at the resort; @ColetteRuelette.