If you’re a fashion lover, enthusiast or you just simply like to see the rarest most-wanted pieces of all time, you might consider following @eBayBae.
Text by Mariela Ortega | April 16, 2018 | Fashion

When it comes to living in a visual world, having the right information at our fingertips is vital. Following the right Instagram accounts gives you access to a world of endless possibilities and @eBayBae offers direct access to the fashion world’s best-kept secrets. Fashion Curator Tae In Ahn of the Costume Institute at The MET is the mind behind the account. With more than 30K followers, she’s been able to gather the most amazing articles that ignite creativity and inspire with out-of-the-box principles. The Balenciaga runway Crocs, the Gucci sliders with the Donald Duck face and the Miu Miu sold-out western boots are just some of the articles available on this mind-blowing Instagram account that has become fashion’s favorite destination. Driven by her fascination with modern pop culture, consumerism and the fine line between good and bad taste, this should be your first stop when looking to spruce up your look;