Forever Forward

On the last day of middle school, or more specifically, the last few minutes, I’ll never forget when my zany science teacher uttered the best lesson he’d given all year.
Text by Jorge Arauz | November 29, 2018 | Lifestyle

Although it quickly escalated into a 20-minute sermon that left some of my classmates zoned out and yawning, I got the gist of it: To reach an end is to begin a new adventure. The things that were uttered, thought and felt in the past do not necessarily have to follow you into your new beginning. At that time, we were all looking forward to our last summer before entering high school, but we knew that many of us would probably never see each other again, and that when the new school year rolled around, no matter which school we ended up at, we’d all have one thing in common: The next chapter in our life had not yet been written. And there’s perhaps nothing more inspiring for a kid, or an adult for that matter, than to have a fresh start and the opportunity to author our own destiny.