Fostering Solutions

Since college, Indiana Sacasa has been a very active volunteer for a variety of worthy causes. As the Public Relations Manager for non-profit The Virgin Mary Foundation, she helps change the lives of foster children for the better.
Words by Sandy Lindsey | August 26, 2022 | Lifestyle

Indiana Sacasa first became aware of The Virgin Mary Foundation when she volunteered to sell tickets for their first-ever event. “It breaks my heart to know that there are children feeling worthless, with no love in this world,” she says. “The Virgin Mary Foundation is a bridge between the community and the cause, uniting the people who want to do something great for those in need.” Currently, the focus is on the program Baggy. “An estimated 20,000 kids enter foster care in the state of Florida each year and all they can bring with them is what they can fit into a trash bag,” she says. “We put together the duffle bags in team-building events with individuals, families, groups, clubs and companies to bring hope and love to children by providing a baggy with essential items to incoming children in foster care as well as baby showers for pregnant teen moms in foster care and to help ease the transition of teens leaving foster care.” The Foundation also hosts other programs such as Amigo Trips, taking children and teens to fun field trips to different locations; and Career Expeditions, where 16- and 17-year-olds attend tours and workshops at different professions and companies;