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If you’ve been awaiting your weight-loss reality check, this might be it. At the very least, you’ll start thinking about shedding those extra pounds you’ve been dying to drop.
Text by Jessica W. Cristobal | July 17, 2018 | Beauty & Wellness

Ladies, have you ever had that guilty feeling when you reach for the decadent profiterole oozing with fudge, caramel and cream filling that goes a little something like, “Oh…I shouldn’t — but I will” even when you know that an hour before while getting dressed for that very party you vowed to succumb to water, colonics, the cabbage soup diet, three hours of daily exercise and no less than 1,200 calories a day until you lost those 15 pounds you’ve packed on? Of course you have…haven’t we all? And so the story goes…”I’ll start tomorrow.” It’s time to stop the lame excuses and do something about the extra poundage before it takes over! Gals, here is yet another article urging you to get off of your laurels and do something about the endless self-loathing that’s been eating you up.

Set the right tone
As they say, “No food tastes as good as being fit feels.” How true. The feeling of satisfaction when you take off that winter shrug to reveal those trim shoulders and cut arms is sublime — so is the gooey chocolate cake you devoured while dining at the latest restaurant with the gals. But trust me on this one, reduce the circumference of those arms and you won’t have to banish yourself to long sleeves this sweltering summer! To tighten: Do a few arm curls of the shopping-bag kind or press down firmly on the grocery cart handle to engage your abs and arms while you peruse the grocery aisles. Even applauding with your arms over your head will tighten and tone the flab (and pump your adrenal glands for detoxification)! Of course any moderate hand-weight is sure to do the trick, but since working out is not really something that fits into your busy schedule of philanthropy, attending events, lunching with the ladies and spa time, try to stay away from the sweets for now and go for the greens with the dressing on the side, please!

Chin up or down…
whatever works best
Double chins are not cute on anyone…except babies. Ever since I learned that we all have a “better side” when it comes to posing for a photo, I have practiced every way imaginable to angle my face in a way that causes me not to look like a pelican. While this tactic works well, chubby cheeks are still chubby cheeks. Not becoming! There comes a time that you’ll eventually need to do an extra bout of cardio to burn off the turkey neck. Since we are are short on time, I recommend small bursts of exercise that will elevate our heart rate in spurts. This not only burns fat, but it gives our heart the little woo-hoo factor that it needs to be healthy. I like to take a few extra flights of stairs in my condo. Stair-stepping lifts what was once perky and gives you the energy that you need to make your wellness levels soar.

Cottage cheese…the bad kind
Cottage cheese is a food, not a physical trait. More than 80 percent of women over age 25, skinny or fat, have some sort of cellulite. It’s a fact of life. While there’s no cure for getting rid of it, there are things we can do to lessen or prevent the appearance. I will say that cutting out fried and processed foods is the best way to prevent future cellulite from forming. Yoga, cardio, swimming and other forms of exercise will tighten your current cellulite and can help diminish its appearance. Massages help, too. And make sure to stay away from anything partially hydrogenized! I also do as much tightening and stretching as possible, whenever possible. I’ve notice that Bikram yoga, pilates sessions and biking along the Key Biscayne bridge work wonders on tightening and overall weight loss. If you want it off quickly, you have to be willing to sweat, devote time and endure pain to experience the delicious feeling of being tight and fit!

A touch of class
Trust me, when we’re all in a group workout class trying to keep up with whatever the svelte instructor is commanding, no one is looking at how well (or how poorly) you’re doing. They don’t care that much about you! Quit being paranoid and push yourself to the limit! We’re all trying to lose the extra flab here or there…and some of us have more than others. Sweat doesn’t look good on anyone — unless it’s ourselves starting back at our own reflection in the mirror after an adrenaline-pumping workout. Sweat makes you feel tough while releasing endorphins, toxins and a ton of poisonous negative energy. Looking strong for those 30 minutes of pain feels so darn satisfying, we can’t describe it in the space allotted for this article. Now go drink a cup of green tea, turn on some power tunes, throw away the junk in your panty, freezer and fridge, breathe and move your body! Do it now before you give yourself another reason to start tomorrow!

With friends like them…
The scale — it doesn’t lie. But neither do your friends when they’re talking about you behind your back about your recent weight gain…endearingly, of course, because they adore you! Unfortunately, your recent weight gain brings them a certain level of satisfaction, or at least a feeling of “better her than me.” Don’t worry, their day will (and has, in most of cases) come, at some point or another. It always does. I hate to sound harsh, but ladies, let’s face it…it’s true! We’ve all heard the gossip, we’ve all relished in a recent grocery store copy of “Celebrities and Their Cellulite — Look Who’s Got It.” Shame on us! More shame on us for allowing ourselves to get sloppy and out of shape! Now snap out of it and get yourself to the gym! Try a fun spin class, a group pilates class or a yoga session. Do it even if it’s only to try it out, expand your comfort zone and quit being so complacent and predictable! It will benefit everyone in your life. You’ll feel better, lighter and leaner! And that’s a side-effect we all welcome with open (and toned) arms.