From Rescue To Runway

Local rescue dogs and their human heroes invite you to open your heart and home to adoption with inspiring tales and joyful interactions. This editorial goes far beyond visuals — it’s a heartfelt showcase of unconditional love in all its glory, with a touch of style from Miami & New York fashion designers. Featured dogs: Fonzie, Frida, Apolo, Chibi & Zeus

Concept & Direction: Isa Zapata  Starring: Daniela Luchau Photography: Jorge Duva | Stylist: Lina Montes  Hair & Makeup: Cesar Ferrette  Dog Behavorist:  Maya Rodrigez | Nail Artists: Kayri Altagracia Pozo & De Anna Williams Styling Assistant: Sakina Azimova | Digital Tech: German Aristizabal | Videographer: Juan Duva | Designer On Set: Janice Grunwald w/ Princess Miami Jewelry | Location: HGAB Studios  Special Thanks:  The Commutelier

Jacket and jumper by Alexis. Diamond set by Princess Miami Jewelry Shoes by Ron Dyce

Apolo spent 6 months in a shelter, then faced the possibility of being euthanized. Then one day, his two moms saw him and fell in love with his deep blue eyes. Since that fateful day, this happy pup loves looking at the sunset with his family, including his 3 siblings. He also likes to help both of his moms in their exciting careers as video producers.

Jumper by Silvia Tcherassi.  Diamond set by Princess Miami Jewelry. Shoes by Ron Dyce

Frida and Fonzie are siblings who have overcome many twists and turns together. From almost being separated at birth and living strictly in cages indoors, to lounging on every couch in sight, they have not only made their way into their forever family’s hearts but also into magazines!

Jacket by Marie Saint Claire. Rings and earrings by princess  Miami jewelry

Chibi, once dumped as a puppy in Homestead and found  starved and filled with fleas, is now a local celebrity, gracing editorials and modeling for pet stores.

Jumper by Silvia Tcherassi. Diamond set by Princess Miami Jewelry. Shoes by Ron Dyce
Dress by Silvia Tcherassi  Diamond  set by Princess Miami Jewelry

Zeus was rescued from the countryside of a little town in Colombia. In his new home, he became a Certified Therapy Dog. Now, at 11 years old, he’s retired and spends his days enjoying the ocean view from his backyard, playing with his two brothers, and living a peaceful life of luxury and comfort.

In a world where love knows no bounds, every wag of a dog’s tail and reflection of unwavering devotion in their eyes reminds us of our duty to cherish and protect them.