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From Working Girl to Glamour Girl

For my Fall/ Winter Collection 2010, my inspiration was women — at the office and on the town. I wanted each model to portray an individual style and look. Whether blonde and sophisticated or brunette and fashionable, this photo shoot was exciting and full of beauty! Transforming each model from office to evening, I was able to bring out different features and chicness for each look. To see the “Making Of” of this collection, check out

Little Black Dress & Soft Tress
The first look is Little Black Dress & Soft Tress. This simple style has plenty of volume and movement to compliment the sleekness of the dress — perfect for the office. I achieved the supple locks with just a round brush, blowdryer and very little holding spray. (Try L’Oréal Professionnel’s Infinium II for the perfect amount of hold!) Brushing and curling the hair as you dry it is a healthier alternative to achieve soft curls. It gives hair a break from more damaging heated instruments. Also, I wanted this model to stay true to a classic blonde beauty. I went with a simple, soft style but added the red lips for pop and sexy seduction.

Gold Glamour
Next, for the gold glamour look, I wanted to give her a classic French twist with lots of volume on top. The height of the hair really creates a dramatic, supermodel look. Before putting the pieces into place, I started with L’Oréal’s Volume Expand Leave-In Spray. This product is great for leaving hair down or for styling. It leaves hair with plenty of flexibility. For her beautiful blonde color, I did very natural highlights which brought out her bold blue eyes. No matter what outfit this woman chooses, her hair is the perfect shade for any day or evening look.

Style by Season
For this model, I decided to go with a warm brown color with honey undertones. I used L’Oréal’s new color line INOA (Innovation, No Ammonia). Because her skin is fair with a subtle gold glow, I knew this color of brown would really accentuate her eyes. I also opted for curls to frame her round face and give her a feminine allure both for work and going out. To give her added shimmer, I used L’Oréal’s Perfect Shimmer Spray. My clients love this product: It’s subtle, yet shiny! The flower accessory (available at my Studio and Trini in Private salons) is the perfect addition for the season. The Peony is a sexy accessory for the season’s style and makes the black dress stand out from an ordinary look. Lastly, we went with smoky eyes for her makeup to play up the hue of the outfit. I used Couleur Caramel’s Starlit Night eye shadow and Old Rose matte lipstick for a natural-looking pout.

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“Love of beauty is Taste. The creation of beauty is Art.”
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

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