Future Stars

The many former Actors’ Playhouse students on Broadway are touring nationally and internationally, gracing screens both big and small. They are a testament to the exceptional training and opportunities provided by the conservatory program.
Words by Sandy Lindsey | November 26, 2023 | Lifestyle

The Actors’ Playhouse Conservatory consists of comprehensive programs that cover all aspects of the performing arts, including acting, scriptwriting, stage and camera techniques, speech, movement and vocalization. The programming is available in a diverse range of year-round courses and workshops catering to children, teenagers and adults. Their renowned commitment to quality education is reflected in deliberately small class sizes, ensuring each participant receives personalized attention and follows a structured curriculum designed to nurture their skills over several years. In addition to year-round offerings, they also provide exciting summer programs for children and teenagers; where one highlight is the advanced musical theater experience, where exceptionally talented youth have the opportunity to audition and participate in their own Broadway Jr. production. Every year, Actors’ Playhouse warmly welcomes over 250 children who enthusiastically engage in their diverse range of camps and summer programs;