Futuristic Eye

Is it a clock or is it a piece of art? In the case of MB&F’s new Orb, the answer is “both”...and it’s about time.
Words by Bill Lindsey | December 28, 2021 | Luxury

A clock that can entertain while displaying the time is a delight, as in the case of many models offered by the uber-creative artisans at Maximillian Büsser & Friends, better known as MB&F. Designed by the same hands that wrought the whimsical T-Rex and Tripod models, the Orb, co-created by MB&F and L’Epee 1839, is another eminently practical timepiece that immediately enhances the surroundings in which it’s placed. Available in a very limited run of 50 black and 50 white models, the Orb opens like a beetle’s wings to display the inner workings, housed in a transparent case. A ringer can be activated to augment the analog dial by announcing the hours and minutes, a handy feature to help stay on schedule. The Orb is a delight at all hours of the day;