Garden Grow

Whether you want nature to surround you on the ground in your home’s backyard or up high in the sky on your balcony, there’s one addition you might want to add to your indoor or outdoor oasis: the Tower Garden by Juice Plus.
Text by Cecilia Dubon Slesnick | May 15, 2018 | People

Growing your own veggies may no longer be a pipedream for the urban dweller thanks to the Tower Garden by Juice Plus. Key Bicayne’s own Antonella Palazio has been busy leading a healthy and vibrant life for many years. When she discovered that she could grow some of her own food on her Key Bicayne balcony, she not only bought a Tower Garden, she became a rep. The system works by using aeroponics, an advanced form of hydroponics. It uses water, liquid nutrients and a soiless growing medium which allows for quick growth of colorful, tasty and incredibly nutritious food. Since there’s no dirt involved, there’s no digging or weeding needed, which makes it perfect for balcony living;