Glam Chat

Absolutely no other cell phone could make you look and feel more successful at your next business meeting. Recognized as the pinnacle of all cellular phones, each Vertu phone is handmade for elite power players. With features like a personal concierge service, this gorgeous piece with black and white diamonds is just one of the many luxury phones the brand offers. To talk in style, visit

Wake Up!
Who hasn’t dozed off at work once or twice? The Flying Alarm Clock by ThinkGeek can help you wake up enough to get some work done! Set it to go off every hour on days when you need it most. This unique alarm will not only make noise until you wake, it’ll propel into the air and hit you on the head on its descent if you don’t catch it before it lands on you. To awake in style for only $24.99, visit

The only movie I ever made for money was something called
Music From Another Room, which I really didn’t like.”
— Jude Law

Quarter Bend
Most people won’t bother to bend down to get coin money off the sidewalk unless it adds up to at least a quarter. Bills are hardly ever ignored.




5% Perfect
Only 5% of American businessmen nationwide get their suits, pants and shirts custom-tailored. Most of them are headquartered in Miami.




Money Tear
In case you were wondering how far a dollar goes, it takes nearly 10,000 folds for a piece of American currency to tear. Or one solid rip, of course.