Glittering Gifts

We know the terror of ever-procrastinated holiday shopping. The palpitations. The shopper’s shoulder-slouch. The thousand-eye stares. Luckily, there’s a select shop newly opened in Miami Design District to set your anxieties at ease.
Text by Ryan Jarrell | May 14, 2018 | Luxury

In an age of homogenized big brands and cookie-cutter luxury, procuring gifts that both stun the eye and sizzle with novelty can take a Herculean effort. Fortunately for all of us seasonal sluggards and present procrastinators, Miami Design District has a fascinating and fashionable recent opening exclusive to the U.S.: Sevan Bicakci. The Istanbul-born jeweler’s pieces are heavily imbued with the atmosphere of his homeland, and it is with a deft touch that this artifice artist makes minarets soar and djinn swirl within minute pieces of handcrafted ornament. A true artist in multiple materials, Bicakci is as equally inventive in 24K gold as sterling silver and diamonds. Much like fine theatre, these gems truly need to be seen up-close and to be properly experienced;