Global Credentials

Alexia Kim specializes in U.S. & International Tax matters, with a focus on international clients who live abroad, just moved to the country or otherwise feel frustrated because they are not familiar with the complexities of U.S. taxation.
Text by Sandy Lindsey photo by Edward Leal | May 10, 2018 | People

Alexia Kim didn’t start out in Finance, she began her career in Hospitality Management. After graduating from FIU, she knew she wanted to do something different, so she studied and prepared for a year to take CPA exam. Luckily, she’s outstanding in Mathematics, having studied the subject at top-ranking Yonsei University in South Korea. Today, at Lancaster & Reed, she provides U.S. and International Tax & Advisory Service to local and global firms as well as international investors. “It’s all about working with the right people,” she says. “It’s essential to have a good team with a strong work ethic.” A prime example is when a lawyer desperately requested an extensive project with a very tight deadline near the Thanksgiving holiday, right after all the managers left for vacation. “The rest of the office, including partners, had to work over the weekend to finish on time,” she says. Another great achievement is her 1-year-old son, San. His name means “Mountain” in Korean;

“Building trust with clients is important. To do so, I promptly respond to inquiries and always keep promises. I want my clients to feel that I respect them.”

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