Go-To Gadets

The forthcoming Miami Open inspires dreams of donning our tennis gear and getting out on the court as a new, improved player. The following gadgets help turn that dream into a reality.
Text by Sandy Lindsey | January 31, 2019 | Lifestyle

Swing Stats

Improve your swings and track your performance with the Zepp 2 Swing & Match Analyzer. The advanced V2 motion sensor attaches easily to the racket to measure swing, power, stroke type, ball speed, ball spin, sweet spot, court time and much more instantly. It fits any racket and can capture over 1,000 data points per second, with the data sent to a smartphone or tablet in real time;

Speed Records

While improving your swing is key to playing better shots, speed is essential to a better overall game. The Ball Coach Pocket Radar makes both professional and amateur players aware of their technique and whether it is optimal for hitting the ball. From there, they can adjust and further improve. This pocket radar can be used as a handheld, placed on a tripod or attached to a fence;

Better Control

Over 90% of tennis is now played with topspin because it is the only way to control the ball with pace. Topspin Pro is a stationary stroke-training aid with a spinning ball that teaches rhythm, focus and topspin. It improves your game faster than traditional methods by instantly letting players feel what topspin is. The manufacturer claims that it works in 2 minutes or less;