Good Boy

My fondest memories are of beach days in Key Biscayne with my grandparents when I was a kid.
Words by Jorge Arauz | February 23, 2023 | Lifestyle

We’d pack up my grandfather’s blue station wagon with a cooler full of ice-cold drinks, sandwiches, chips, fruits and snacks galore and head up the road to either Crandon, Bill Baggs or El Farito. No matter where the day took us, my trusty sidekick Snoopy was always by my side. Rescued as a puppy in a cardboard box on the side of the causeway, he was the center of my universe from pre-school through college. We were never quite sure exactly what breed he was, but he bore a slight resemblance to Charlie Brown’s loyal beagel. Snoopy taught me about responsibility, trust, compassion, companionship, patience, and unconditional love. He learned so many tricks throughout the years — he could open doors, climb a ladder, play hide & seek, sing, pray, salute and do a handstand. He even saved my life once when a stray pack of dogs started chasing me and he scared them away. When he was up to no good and getting into mischief, a stern “pa su casa” yielded the most dramatic reaction ever: he would slow-crawl to his kennel with this tail between his legs, whimpering, teary-eyed, almost frowning, and stay there until we called him back a few seconds later and he would wag his tail furiously, jump on us and shower us with slobbery doggie kisses and high-fives. There may never be another dog quite like Snoopy, but his legacy will live with me forever.