Good Wishes

Nine years after she began writing children’s books, Debbie Wanninkhof has achieved her “big dream” to become a published author with her wonder-filled debut If I Could…Magical Wishes For A Child.
Words by Sandy Lindsey | April 27, 2023 | People

If I Could… is a lyrical story full of love and generosity of heart expressed through the magical wishes of a loving adult for a precious child. “The book is written for children ages 2-8 but is for all ages,” says Author Debbie Wanninkhof. “The universal theme of love is timeless.” She began writing children’s books in 2014. “My journey has been a trail of writing, revising and learning, of persistence and hard, yet fun and rewarding work,” she says. “I’m very excited that I’m now a published author.” A longtime Key Biscayne resident, Wanninkhof was a Montessori teacher who worked in the primary classroom (ages 3-6) at La Prima Casa Montessori School for a number of years. She loves this young age group — their honesty, their openness and their kind, generous and loving spirits. The book is dedicated to her son, Patrick, her daughter, Suzette, and her husband, Rik. She credits her kids for teaching her the “true magic” of love;