Green Islanders

From recycling pumpkins post-Halloween to producing reusable bags from second-hand fabrics, A Zero Waste Culture is dedicated to making Key Biscayne an example of community-organized recycling, composting and volunteering.
Words // Bianca Sproul | April 26, 2024 | Lifestyle

Helena Iturralde isn’t intimidated by the herculean task of combating rampant pollution and excess waste in Miami. Her organization, A Zero Waste Culture, which consists of over 250 volunteers, has diverted more than 105 tons of food waste and 800 cubic yards of garden waste from landfills. Green-minded Key Biscayners are able to drop off their compost weekly, receiving word of their contributions and yielding rich composted soil. From youth leadership programs to community composting and upcycling workshops — this island-based non-profit tackles it all with incredible success. As of 2020, A Zero Waste Culture composts their community veggie scrap contributions at the Bill Baggs State Park — only a golf-cart drive or leisurely walk away from their drop-off points. According to Iturralde, the walkability of Key Biscayne makes it an incredibly efficient model as the smaller area minimizes the need for waste transportation. “Key Biscayne has the potential to set a global example for sustainability.”;