Most of us only remember to go green on Earth Day, but going green all year long is about to get easier with these apps aimed at turning you into an ecologically friendly human.
Text by Ros Prado | May 23, 2018 | Lifestyle

This app aims to spread sustainability through an online community of environmentally friendly users who share activities and posts on a newsfeed that helps reduce your global footprint. This app encourages users to get competitive with their green initiative by giving out rewards known as “Eco Points” to the most active users, and then letting you see how you rank among your friends in the leaderboard.

Carma Carpool
This ride-share option helps you find nearby users to share your car with in order to reduce gas emissions and traffic delays while saving some money. Riders help split the commute cost with drivers by using a secure payment system. Feel a bit wary about carpooling? Carma understands. To accommodate concerns, they’ve become the world’s first verified carpooling system, keeping a log of all completed carpools for the safety of its users.

Goodguide makes it easy to find healthy, green, safe and environmentally friendly products by providing health, environmental and social ratings for more than 210,000 products and the companies that manufacture them. Each product is rated on a 0-10 scale and users can get details about each product such as ingredients, nutritional value, animal welfare, energy efficiency and human rights.

Use this app to help you track and understand your energy footprint. By connecting Leafully to your utilities, you can monitor energy and gas consumption. The app will alert you when you surpass your normal energy usage. It also measures your energy usage via the number of tresses it takes to offset the emission from electricity generation, which allows for a greater understanding of how much you’re affecting the environment.