Green & Serene

Venezuelan sisters Ana & Mariana Quintero bring global style essentials to Miami from the world with their Aussie-inspired Quiwi House, a a must-shop for any Magic City woman aiming to socialize with the fashionable and fabulous. 
Text by Mariela Ortega | May 7, 2018 | Fashion

It’s hard to believe it was only a year ago since a pair of enterprising young women from Venezuela decided to invigorate Miami with exquisite, hand-selected pieces from up-and-coming Australian designers. But that’s precisely how long Quiwi House and its founders Ana & Mariana Quintero have been fiercely recasting the island’s concept of cool. Now a must-stop for every woman within breeze-reach of Key Biscayne, Quiwi House follows a fantastic global trend of new designers erupting from Down Under. From casual wear to dinner attire, this bustling boutique has you covered no matter what the occasion;