Green Xmas

During a season of celebration and joy, we need to be more conscious and aware of our footprint on the environment. Between family get-togethers, in-law drama and social stressors, don’t add Mother Nature to the list of grumpy revelers.
Text by Ros Prado | May 22, 2018 | Lifestyle

1.Reduce holiday output by taking a few each steps. Use LED lights for less energy consumption and remember to turn all the lights off before going to sleep. Setting the AC down could save you cash you can use to donate to a charity in need during the holidays.

2.Get creative and make your own holiday cards. Buy recycled materials and have your kids draw an ecologically conscious holiday card. Sometimes the best present you can give them is awareness and the gift of eco empowerment.

3.Use alternative wrapping paper whenever possible. Gift bags can be made using fabric scraps, old calendars, maps, posters and just about anything else made out of trees. If crafting is not your thing, some stores offer recycled wrapping paper all year long.

4.When it’s time to go out to fulfill wishlists, shop local. Visit farmer’s markets, flea markets, thrift stores, arts & craft shops and search for local artists online to get some one-of-a-kind presents for loved ones.

5.Plan activities in nature and spend some of that extra time off from work outside exploring nature. Go on hikes, plan a beach cleanup day or simply decorate a tree for the birds. December is a great month to get out and enjoy our Magic City with its brisk breezes and comfy temps.

6.Skip the faux Xmas route and buy a real tree. This might surprise you, but the damage fake trees cause to make is far greater than cutting down real trees. So buy the real thing or adorn a houseplant with some ornaments.

7.Although it’s tough to not run up for seconds, try to cut down on food waste. The holidays are usually a synonym for excess. Take the time to really consider how much food you will actually need for all your planned festivities and try to set realistic goals, keeping in mind the inevitable leftovers you’re sure to gobble up.

8.Once the holidays are over, make sure to recycle your Christmas tree. Search online for a neighborhood municipal recycling office and contact them to find a drop-off location near you. It’s the best present you can give Mother Nature this holiday season. And one that will surely give you that warm fuzzy feeling all year long.