Guitar Virtuoso

Revered as one of the most influential electrical guitarists of all time, with a monumental influence on generations of musicians, the legacy of Jimi Hendrix still burns bright today — in a unique series of Montblanc pens.
Words // Zelda Grant | November 26, 2023 | Luxury

Inspired by his music, his love for the electric guitar, and some of his most famous performances, Montblanc has crafted a trio of new limited-edition writing instruments to celebrate a standout year in Hendrix’s trailblazing career, ranging from 1967-69. The shade of the precious resin on the cap of the flagship Montblanc Jimi Hendrix Special Edition Pen (in fountain, ballpoint or rollerball) is inspired by the legend’s cream-colored Fender Stratocaster Guitar. The geometric pattern of this work of art recalls the pattern of the musician’s embroidered guitar strap. The tremolo bar informed the shape of the platinum-coated clip, covered in cream-colored precious resin at the tip. As a finishing touch, the artist’s debut album title Are You Experienced decorates the clip top. The Purple Haze-themed Limited Edition 1942 commemorates the year of his birth; while the striking blue and white Edition 99 is a nod to the 30th Anniversary of Woodstock in 1999, when Hendrix’s posthumous album Live At Woodstock was released;