Haute Foos

With over a quarter of a billion foosball enthusiasts around the globe, how do you make your game stand out? The Teckell Calico Balilla 90° Minuto takes the game to luxurious new heights.
Words by Stacy Wynn | April 28, 2021 | Lifestyle

Collectibles icon Teckell gives us a surprisingly chic spin on the timeless game of foosball with the Calico Balilla 90° Minuto that’s perfect for Miami’s contemporary ethos. The attractively slender yet incredibly sturdy Canaletto wood legs and structure evoke the world of sailing while the luxurious, transparent crystal playing field redefines modern furnishings. Play the game in high style until the very last minute — the 90th minute — and you’ll understand why this “sport” has taken off even more since the pandemic has forced us indoors. The Teckell Tool Kit includes a certificate of authenticity, a variety pack of foosballs for different styles of play and a special lubricant for a smoothly flowing game. Be prepared do drop a hefty 5 figures for this showpiece. For those who don’t have the budget, enough room or want to play in their office, there’s 90° Minuto’s baby sibling, the compact Intervallo;