Hello, Gorgeous!

Our skin can change daily due to a wide variety of factors: sun exposure, environment and hydration levels, among many other things. The clever little Romy HyLab allows users to customize their daily skincare formula in just 1 minute.
Words by Stacy Wynn | February 28, 2020 | Lifestyle

With 12 active ingredients to choose from — ranging from Sorghum Juice, to help tackle signs of aging to Mexican Aloe Vera to improve hydration, and much more — Romy Hylab is ready to take on your skin’s challenges in a way that standard products cannot. The Hylab is a compact personal skincare factory that creates skincare doses freshly formulated, clean and tailor-made. The system evolves with the rhythm of your life. Users can choose from up to two ingredients at each time to use with Romy’s lavish Primary Face Cream. In addition to the actual “lab” itself, there’s a handy app, which will advise on the best ingredients to use for each particular situation. Romy believes that skin is a living organ, and wants to give it fresh, healthy and vitaminous nutrition; Romy.Paris.