Hi-Tech Hacks

If you think that making your home as tech-advanced as possible will put a strain on your interior aesthetics — or put a dent in your finances — you’ll be surprised at what a few simple tweaks can yield in terms of your energy output and financial contributions.
Text by Stacy Wynn | May 23, 2018 | Lifestyle

“Technology is making the things around us smarter than ever before,” says TV Design Expert David Bromstad. “You don’t have to sacrifice design when you use technology at home that saves you money.” The Miami resident understands the heat. So he has teamed up with FPL to bring us the best ways to combine fashionable design with technology for attractive energy savings. The first step is a smart thermostat that allows remote adjustments from a mobile device, and some even feature occupancy sensors for further comfort and energy savings. Then there are the next gen smart fans that feature an enhanced energy-efficient design and can be turned on or off from mobile devices. Other products he recommends are smart bulbs — not just CFLs and LEDs, but those that can be remotely controlled and even act as wireless speakers at an 80% energy savings, compared to incandescent lighting. His last tip is to invest in a smart outlet. Simply plug it in and you can manage just about any device connected via a handy app. Welcome to the future.