High-Fired Pies

Have you ever noticed how much heat escapes when you open the lid on your grill? Kettle Pizza Oven Inserts take that very high, even heat and uses it to cook the most amazing outdoor pizza.
Words by Zelda Grant | June 26, 2022 | Lifestyle

Make every night pizza night with a new Kettle Pizza Oven Insert. Available for both charcoal and gas grills, it will revolutionize your outdoor experience — whether you want a couple of pizzas for your family or 10-20 pies for everyone else. These stainless steel pizza oven inserts concentrate the heat and eliminate the need to lift the lid on your grill. With less heat escaping, you can achieve results similar to a commercial wood-fired pizza. On a Weber-style charcoal grill, the pizza oven insert fits between the grill bottom and lid; use charcoal briquets along with some hardwood and you can achieve temperatures in excess of 750 degrees F for amazing wood-fired flavor. On a gas grill, the Kettle Pizza simply sets directly on the grill grate. From there, you just bring the one-piece stainless pizza oven insert and cordierite stone up to temperature (shown on the built-in thermometer), and it’s ready to cook your pizza, lid up;