House Hobbies

I thought I had it all figured out — until I said sayonara to condo living and moved into a new house with my wife.
Text by Jorge Arauz, Editor in Chief. Photo by Mario Pascual | May 15, 2018 | Lifestyle

Adulting sure does have its challenges, doesn’t it?! I’d grown accustomed to the ease of high-rise life, to the expansive array of amenities at my fingertips around every turn. I even got used to elevators and multi-story parking lots despite my irrational fear of heights and dislike of driving around in circles. The expansive eagle-eye views and sleek glass-wrapped balconies I’d loved for so long were replaced with sprawling fields of green — and lots of dirt, mulch, weeds and bugs! Inside, I was equally out of my element. Creaking floors…this house must be haunted! Replacing the A/C is going to cost how much? I have to hire who to do what?! Someone’s at the door…nope, it’s just another poor bird that flew into the window. I mean, there’s really no manual to follow. The surprises with homeownership come at you left and right — constantly. I quickly realized I had to become my own handyman. Being the true journalist that I am, I began to ask questions, to absorb the expertise, tips and tricks of everyone we hired to repair something, clean something, paint something or plant something. In many ways, homeownership became a hobby. I set out to do at least one new project around the house every day, no matter how big or small. The way I figured it, I’d be able to accomplish 365 projects a year! Then after a few weeks of fixing and tweaking, I realized I was running out of things to do, details to add and stuff to move around. So I did what I should of done when I first moved in — I sat down, looked around, took a deep breath and smiled.

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