Iconic Excellence

When Rolex made a daring decision to offer a wristwatch suitable for all types of adventures, the result was the Submariner, now the standard for adventure watches worldwide.
Words by Bill Lindsey | January 30, 2021 | Luxury

In 1953, Rolex board member and active scuba diver René-Paul Jeannerent offered a suggestion — in addition to elegant watches worn by kings and presidents, create the Submariner, a watch that can be worn in the ocean’s depths or at the opera. The Submariner was based on a dive watch Rolex designed in 1935 for Panerai, at that time a dive equipment supplier firm. To demonstrate the durability of the watch’s unique “oyster” style housing, French explorers Yves Cousteau, Auguste Piccard and Jacques Piccard attached the Submariners to the exterior of submarines, exploring the deepest parts of the world’s oceans. When the subs returned to the surface, the watches were operating flawlessly. The newly updated Submariner continues to feature a rotating bezel to measure elapsed time as well as luminous hands on a large, easily read dial. Two versions are offered — one with the date window and one without. Both are housed in larger 41mm oyster cases rated to depths of 330 meters and secured by an improved locking bracelet. The iconic rotating bezels feature extremely durable Cerachrom inserts;