In Plain Sight

A watch not worn is still a thing of beauty, but only if you can see it. For those who enjoy viewing their timepieces as much as wearing them, the Treasury Safe by Buben-Zorweg is a must.
Text by Bill Lindsey | May 19, 2018 | Luxury

The unique ability to store a fortune in watches in plain sight is what makes the Treasury Watch Safe so marvelous. It merges the security of a bank-quality safe with shatter-proof glass, an alarm system and LED lighting. It can hold up to 142 watches, to accommodate the collections of even the most horologically-obsessed. Designed by German engineers who use quantum physics to solve crossword puzzles, the Treasury Safe is an astounding piece of furniture. Nine individual glass-fronted compartments adorn a façade featuring an 11-jewel timepiece complete with a flying minute tourbillon, a Ruthenium-coated dial and goldstone bezel. There’s also an integral sound system, adding to the unique functionality. All nine compartments can all be equipped with automatic winders, or several can be utilized to display rare wines. Because there are always a few treasures that are “for your eyes only,” the Treasury Safe also features a traditional vault tucked out of sight behind flawless wood cabinetry;