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In Threes

If you think numerology is a joke, let us count the ways it isn’t. For starters, the number 3 has been proven to be associated with creativity. Most artists will tell you 3 was their favorite number growing up. Next time you’re thinking of hanging art on the wall, consider doing it in threes. It will immediately balance the area and cause an instinctive interaction between the pieces and your guests. Just don’t go overboard with your creativity by incorporating multiples of 3 or adding 3+3. Those numbers could mean something completely different. Don’t push your luck. Keep it simple.

Power Seat
Want to make your guests bow down and take a seat? You might want to invest in Scan Design’s Monte Chair. This chic multi-purpose seat is made of stainless steel and semi-aniline leather. The supple and versatile chair is available in black, brown, red or white. For more info, visit

“A house is a machine for living in.”
— Le Corbusier

Beer Welcome
When first entering someone’s new home, make sure you have a can or bottle of beer handy. Most cultures around the world would agree that a quick welcome chug brings good luck.




Pet Vac
Some people say that vacuuming your pets cuts down on the amount of dust in your house. Not only do we not recommend this, we think most pets would take this move as an act of aggression.




Kitchen Nightmares
If there are fruit flies, ants or tiny larvae crawling around your kitchen and you can’t figure out why, you might need to clean behind your large appliances. Food gets trapped back there all the time. Yuck!