Infused Bliss

With summer in full swing, ZICO Coconut Water is rocking the market with their brand new Watermelon Raspberry Flavored Coconut drink. Nothing says summer loving like a deliciously fresh sip sans the seeds.
Text by Ros Prado | May 25, 2018 | Lifestyle

If the summer’s rising temperatures have you daydreaming of a private, secluded island, palm trees, bathing suits and hammocks, don’t quit your day job just yet. Luckily for you, Zico is helping you transport to this magical place by cracking life open with an equally delicious and healthy drink with a new flavor. Featuring only 90 calories per bottle and all-natural ingredients, you can leave the guilt behind if you’re sipping on the brand’s new Watermelon-Raspberry-Coconut concoction. Hydrating has never been easier, because now you can fill your body with naturally occurring electrolytes, such as magnesium and potassium, without any of the added preservatives or artificial flavors;