Inner Vision

A unique approach to expressionism and figurative abstraction, as well as the exploration of the spiritual, intellectual and emotional side of humanity, has paved the way for Klara Chavarría Kepfer’s philosophically inclined body of work.
Words by Sandy Lindsey | February 28, 2020 | People

Growing up in Guatemala City in a family of artists and teachers, Klara Chavarría Kepfer started studying academic painting with a renowned artist and professor when she was only 8 years old. In 1993, she relocated to the U.S. as a student and received a BFA in Design, Visual Arts & Painting from Kansas State University. After working in the Design & Marketing fields and having her own business, Klara decided to abandon her corporate life and pursue her first love — art. Since then, she has shown her inspiring work in numerous venues, including a public art and design project for the City of Miami Beach. At the heart of it all, however, painting remains an inner exploration, providing an outlet for communicating, discovering and investigating her personal questions. An integral part of her life, it allows her the opportunity to create, imagine, experiment, grow and share her concepts and vision with others;