Inspirational Tide

An entrepreneurial spirit with the determination of viewing obstacles and setbacks as an opportunity for growth is what put Lolita’s Beachwear on the map, and it’s founder, Cayetana Uranga, on the sunny side of life.
Text by Francesca Cruz | May 27, 2018 | People

Having been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at birth, followed by intensive physical therapy at just 3 months, and later confronting the loss of her father at age 7, you’d think Cayetana Uranga would have ample reason to live life in the shadows, but this extradinary gal invited life in with a toss of her golden locks, a form-fitting bikini and an “I got this” attitude. Uranga graduated from Lynn University with a degree in Fashion Management, perusing her childhood dream of establishing her very own line of beach attire: Lolita’s Beachwear. This jane of all trades finds her inspiration in the beaches of her native Peru, and the turquoise waters of Palm Beach where she grew up. She never allowed her condition to dictate her course in life, and now, as the entrepreneur & businesswoman at the helm of Lolita’s Beachwear, she proudly supports the United Cerebral Palsy Of South Florida via her online store, donating a portion of the profits for every bikini sold to the organization. How’s that for inspiration;