Interior Influx

These interior design pros are ready to help you create the home of your dreams with stunning insight and expert attention to every last detail.
Text by Ryan Jarrell Photos by Johnny Arraiz Project photos courtesy of respective designers | May 15, 2018 | People

Farrey’s Lighting + Bath
1850 NE 146th St. North Miami

If you heard the excitement in Paige Farrey’s voice, you’d never guess she was the 4th Generation inheritor of a business almost a century old. Established in 1924, Farrey’s Lighting + Bath has two showrooms with over 30,000 square feet displaying lighting, decorative bath, hardware, furniture and accessories. Even with such a sizeable set of responsibilities, Farrey takes pride in keeping a critical eye on what people in South Florida want in their homes. “With the condo boom in the Miami area, the clean, contemporary look has grown tremendously,” she says. “The benefit of having large showrooms is that we are able to display a full selection of traditional, transitional and contemporary products under one roof.” Her favorite part of the job? “Going to the local and international shows is the best…I’m a true lighting fanatic!”

Design Philosophy: “Designers should have a passion for what they do, both in their job and at home, as well as a passion for learning. The technology available is constantly changing. With the evolution of LED’s and the increasing automation of the home, it’s an exciting time for our industry!”

Essential Must-Haves: “Lighting and lighting controls. The lighting sets the mood of your home and personalizes any space with your unique “look” — consider it the jewelry of your home! And it’s not all about a single showcase chandelier…it’s a combination of all the pieces that makes a room complete.”

Trend Predictions: “I think the clean lines that are currently trending will continue, but rather than cold metals, more organic materials are going be incorporated. Additionally, American-made products will be more prominent.”

Downsview Kitchens
1855 Griffin Rd., Ste. B-212, Dania Beach

Carl Abernathy is sympathetic to the stresses placed on his clients, and some of his greatest successes involve de-escalating taxing situations. “My most common compliment from clients and designers is that I make the process easy,” he says. “They might start out stressed or nervous but in the end they say I made it fun.” With 27 years in the industry, Abernathy specializes in high-end kitchen design, and the thing that makes him most excited about his job is meeting and working with talented interior designers, architects and general contractors in the field. “Having a celebrity client from time to time is icing on the cake,” he says. Not one to harp on tradition, Abernathy enjoys utilizing modern technologies, especially when it enhances ease-of-use. One of his favorite innovations? “The use of electronic drawers and doors that open with the push of a finger,” he says. “There’s no handles or hardware needed!”

Design Philosophy: “Listening to a client’s needs and design wishes and then making it all come true. No two kitchens are exactly alike!”

Essential Must-Haves: “Modern, updated appliances, especially those with touch-scroll screens like a smartphone or tablet. Also, integrated panels that mask your appliances so they resemble cabinetry.”

Trend Predictions: “The use of cabinets with pivot doors or roll-up tambour units. It’s easy to access them when open, but all your clutter is gone as soon as the door is closed. Now you see it, now you don’t!”

El Dorado Furniture
2475 SW 8th St., Miami

To most, interior design is relegated strictly to the confines of mid-to-high pricepoint homes. For Anselmo Hernandez, design is a throughline, an approach to life as a whole. “Everything I do culminates in a particular project,” he says. Born in Mantanzas, Cuba, Hernandez has turned a Civil Engineering degree into a blossoming career with one of Miami’s largest furniture companies. While engrossed in the more theoretical aspects of design, Hernandez still has a special spot in his heart for engaging with customers on an individual level. “I offer personalized assistance to each client in terms of space, styles, selection of furniture and décor elements,” he says. “Overall, I work with the clients from the start of the project until completion.” It’s this up-close-and-personal approach to interior design that allows Hernandez to be on the front lines of his field and keep a close watch on emerging trends. And what does he see for the future? “Small spaces and simplified layouts, with a focus on minimalistic designs and functional dimensions in furniture and décor,” he says. “My short-term plans involve the execution of various projects in celebration of El Dorado Furniture’s 50th Anniversary, as well as overseeing two new hotels in the Miami Beach area. I’ll also continue in the remodeling, designing and construction of our current showrooms and any additional stores we open.”

Design Philosophy: “I design because it’s my passion. It defines me, not only as a professional, but also as a person. Everything I do and apply my knowledge to, I try to culminate in a specific project.”

Essential Must-Haves: “A crucial element of design is both scale and proportion in the combination of finishes, shapes and styles. I consider this the tool to get a good, creative result.”

Trend Prediction: “I think that more organic materials will be utilized in their natural form for the making of furniture and eclectic décor in more projects.”