It Takes Two To Travel

Finding the perfect travel partner can be tricky. Best friends don’t necessarily travel well and bumping heads abroad is never fun. Follow these tips to ensure you’ve found yourself a true wanderlust-mate.
Text by Ros Prado | May 20, 2018 | Lifestyle

1.Honesty Policy: Pick someone you can be completely honest with and who can reciprocate. Traveling with someone can bring up annoying habits and the more honest you can be with each other, the better the experience will be.

2.Similar Tastes: Making sure you share the same idea of fun is pivotal to keep peace. You want a partner who shares similar interests and wants to visit similar sites.

3.Friend Zone: Traveling with a significant other is one thing, traveling with someone you just want to hook up with is another. Don’t complicate things by adding a sexual agenda. Keep things friendly and simple.

4.Plan It Out: It’s important to create an itinerary together to prevent messes and arguments. Understanding beforehand what each person wants to experience on any given trip is one of the keys to success.

5.Money Matters: Perhaps you like to travel on a hotdog budget or maybe you’re more of a champagne person. There’s no right or wrong way to travel, but it’s important that both of your budgets match so that no one is left behind.

6.Big Chuckles: If you can’t have fun with your travel partner, then what’s the point? Adding a travel companion is supposed to make things lighter and make getting from Point A to B a breeze. Find someone you can laugh with on long flights, train rides and hikes. A good chuckle is always welcomed when the unexpected happens.

7.Different Paths: Attached at the hip is not a fun way to travel. Don’t find yourself in the middle of Asia with a person who needs to spend every waking minute with you. Some days you’ll want to go off alone…find someone who’s willing to fly solo every now and then.

8.Be Curious: Find a travel partner who asks a lot of questions. Discovering places with someone who is curious about things as much (or more) than you is way more fun than exploring with someone who thinks they have all the answers.